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Taking a photo of corporate events is a very responsible job. There’s no denying it, capturing a compelling picture of a corporate or business event can be a challenge.

So, what does AlRreza Professional Photography as corporate event photographer? Well, the short answer is that they are done shooting for businesses. Corporate photography usually carries more of an emphasis on the people and places behind products and services.

Avoid Frustrations, Work with The Best Photographer

Think of a company holding a huge international conference with more than a thousand attendees ending up with a low standard haphazardly taken photos. You can imagine all the hard work that went into organizing the event and the magical moments of the whole affair being lost forever. That’s sad. Avoid such disappointments and book a professional event photographer of good repute and experience. Don’t fall into the trap of using free or low-cost voluntary photographers from your staff. Use a professional and always remember how many words a single picture is worth in your marketing strategy.

Portrait Photography

Some people think that corporate portrait photography is a mundane frontal view of a person in a dull-coloured jacket, a mere ID photo being mistaken as corporate. A business headshot can by no means be mundane. It has to be powerful, show a trustworthy, intelligent and confident person. We still might have you wear that jacket though.
We’ll help you decide what look is appropriate for your company – the possibilities will depend on your business and culture.
Portrait photography for a law firm could be very different to portrait photography for a manufacturer. From formal studio photographs to more casual shots in the office or on the factory floor, we’ll help you to figure out what’s right for you.

Corporate Portrait Photography Focused

Most of the corporate work that I do ends up on the web. Whether it’s for a company website, intranet or social media presence, the vast majority of content that I create is destined for online. Headshots are no exception.
For corporate, we generally keep the portrait category a bit loose. There are generally two flavours of photography that fall into this area: posed and candid. Some clients want a shot of their CEO, team or combination in a posed manner, either in the office or at a location that speaks to what they do or the area where they are doing business.Or, they want images that show members of the team collaborating or interacting with customers. This helps to show how a company approaches its work, and what the office dynamics are both amongst its people and in the interactions with clients. There are a lot of companies that like to get a combination of these flavours so that they can mix it up on the different pages of their website.
Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

This is the final area that most we handle for clients. By documenting their office environment, it can be very helpful for a company to illustrate what kind of experience their clients will have when working for them. It can go a long way in showing that they are professional, top notch, a place that is calm and relaxing, or whatever specific feeling the company is trying to evoke. For instance, if you were going to a medical facility, you want to see a place that looks clean, contemporary, but also warm and inviting. A corporate photographer would be the one to show your facility in the best light possible. It is even a differentiating factor if you have a space that has been recently remodelled, unique, or contain certain modern amenities. Your competition may not be as up to date with their offerings, and it can set you apart.
Real People Looking Their Best
When shooting corporate portraits, it could be anyone from a construction worker to the Chair of a big company. Both are busy and having their photograph taken is usually the last thing they want interrupting their day. In the case of the Chairman or Director, quite often I only have fifteen minutes to photograph them during a break in the board meeting or AGM. As for the construction worker, well no time is a good time to stop and look relaxed for a photographer. Both are real people, with a story to tell and something unique to bring to the image. That’s what I want to highlight when capturing their photo. In the short space of time that I get to spend with my subjects, I help to take their mind off what’s going on around them and put them at ease. Camera and lighting equipment are prepared in advance so that I can focus on the task at hand, that of capturing the subject’s finer side in as few frames as possible. I must be doing something right because some even start to enjoy it. The corporate photos that I take are always professional, but I also attempt to ensure that they show each subject as an individual and not just a job title.

The Importance of Portrait Photography for a Business

Professional photography for your business is an investment, and upon receiving the photos, see them as a return on that investment. The images have a multitude of uses that can keep returning your investment. High-quality imagery is an extremely important part of any businesses marketing goals.
A good quality photograph not only can increase sales but also increase your company perception. Meanwhile, low-quality images can have the reverse effect, damaging a potential customers opinion of you and turning them away from your business.

So as you can see, Alreza photography is focused on helping show the people and places that provide great services and experiences. People like to be familiar with the people they are going to do business with, and they like to see the environment they will be working in as well. Alreza Photography is the one who can bring both of these aspects to light.

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