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Product photography is important to any company that run business and intends to market their goods in print or online. Product photography styles from the simple representational shots to the more creative overview of the product.
Many product photographer shoot in a studio, but its depend on the product and the look and feel desired for the photos particularly for customers who want a more authentic or often lower costs option.Product photos can also be shot on location. The types of shots are different in style from modelled products where an actor models the product to more simple shots of the product captured in a white box or front of a seamless backdrop.

What We Offer You?

Alreza Professional Photography offers Product Photography Service that helps your brand to create an attractive and professional photo for your company profile, brochure design, recipe menu, catalogue or website. Whether your product is a small tiny earring, delicious and beautiful decorating cake or even big building, we can capture the attractiveness of it!

The purpose of product photography is to capturing attention and making a sale. Product photography must have a strong impression. Product photography can be difficult to get just right, especially if your subject is something as seemingly mundane as a white bottle of lotion or transparent lunch box. Many professional photographers somehow make that lotion bottle look like it is worth the price tag.
For food, lighting and positioning are equally important. For example, food can look not attractive if you shoot it with a straight-forward flash. It’s best with side lighting or natural lighting. Also, each dish has a certain side where the dish looks best. You have to find that face and shoot it from various angles with the light hitting it to emphasize the texture, whether it be the sauce, the texture of meat, a glaze on a doughnut, or something else that makes it mouthwatering.

Awesome Product Photography Increase Demands

Many agree that professional product photography can increase click-through rates, conversions and improves the brand image for a company. Your phone is pretty sweet but let’s face it no matter how many gadgets you buy, you’re not a professional photographer. Photography for your product is one of the most important investments you can make in your business and will return dividends over the life of your list. We offer comprehensive product photography coverage that includes:
Electrical/Electronic parts
Bags & handbags
Jewelleries (silver, gold, gemstone & handmade accessories)
Skincare, beauty products & cosmetics
Sunglasses & spectacles
Pack shots
Home equipment
Home & office equipments
Clothing & lingeries
Items in glass/plastic bottles
Women heels
Shoes & women heels
Food and beverage
Food & beverage

How Much Does Product Photography Cost?

The cost of product photography depends on the complexity of the shoot. If the product requires a studio shoot, you’ll need to include the cost of renting the studio. For a shoot on location, If the shoot requires additional help like models, extras, stylists, rentals and other things those costs are extra. Post productions processing and touch-ups factor extensively into the cost of the shoot. Be sure to consider where you would like this product to be published. Is this for internal purposes? Print? Web-only? These will help us to determine the budget and price.

Easy Process with Alreza Photography

Product photography made simple. Ship your products to us, we will handle the rest.
Our goal is to create the best product photography with the easiest process in the world. With Alreza Photography, either we come to your place, or you can ship your product to us.

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